Our goals are:

Management, System Safety, Environment and Quality.

Environmental protection is an important part of our company policy. IGS Hammami Chemical Ind. Co. has introduced an integrated management system; we can guarantee not only safety of our products in use, but also while being manufactured and transported.

Simultaneously we can enhance the quality of the product and its manufacturing processes whilst safeguarding valuable natural resources. IGS Hammami Chemical Ind. Co. is participating voluntarily in the environment management and audit Scheme of the E.C company processes, products and raw material usage, as well as the handling of wastes.

We can supply you with all kinds of textile Auxiliaries, optical brighteners, surfactants, printing Auxiliaries, softeners and lubricants.

Textile Auxiliaries:

We’ve got a full range of scouring agents, dyeing agents, printing agents, sizing agents and finishing agents.

IGS Hammami Chemical Ind. Co. produces binders for pigments printing application. Those binders provide excellent crock resistance, durability to washing and dry cleaning, and also excellent UV resistance. Dependent on binder selection, soft to intermediate hand effects can be imparted.

In addition to the binders, we could supply you synthetic thickeners for using on pigments, disperse, basic, reactive and acid dyestuff.

We have full range of color inhibiter, dispersing, fixing, wetting, water and oil repellant, flame retardant and color brilliancy agents.

We produce full range of softeners (Cationic, Nonionic, Micro Silicone, Mecro Silicone, Hydrophilic Softeners, Concentrated House-Hold Softeners and Softeners used for pulp. Those softeners are used for cotton, poly/cotton and pulp.


We produce all types of lubricants that are used as Spin finish oil, coning oil, and needle oil with antistatic and anti-bacteria.

Please feel free to contact us at "textile-auxiliaries@igshammami.com" for further information and technical data for any of the above items.

Optical Brighteners:

We produce big range of optical brighteners used for pulp, paper, polyester, plastic, cotton and detergent.

R&D (Research and Development) Dept.:

In the chemical industry, IGS Hammami Chemical Ind. Co. chemical stands among the leaders in the percentage of sales dollars and euros dedicated to research and development.

Our labs are always updated and connected with laboratories in North Carolina, Korea, Italy, and Germany.

IGS Hammami Chemical Ind. Co. research facilities in Syria include analytical, UVD, spectrophotometer, computer application, toxicology, environmental and information services, as well as corporate exploratory and research development groups. Computer techniques, widely employed in experimental design, data management, and online searching help support the technical effort worldwide.

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